News Nuggets – July 2014

Dear Milton Society of America member,

Some news you might be interested in…

1. MSA First Book Assistance Program
The deadline for applications has been extended to July 15. See

for more information. I’d love to see who is the inaugural awardee of this new award.

2. Input on the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW)
Please email me by August 1 if you have attended and/or spoken at the ALSCW annual conference or otherwise participated in ALSCW activities in recent years, as there is currently an initiative to have the MSA formally participate in the October 2015 ALSCW conference with an eye to formal affiliation. (The MSA is a formal affiliate member of the Modern Language Association and the Renaissance Society of America).

3. MLA 2015 Annual Convention, panel(s) on Milton and/or with MSA members
In addition to the 5 MSA-sponsored and -supported panels announced last month, we will give you the time, date, and location of this other Milton-related panel, as soon as the MLA releases that information:

Title: Representing Authorship in Early Modern English Poetry
Chair: Douglas Trevor
Speakers: Barbara K. Lewalski, “Why Oaten Pipes? Sidney, Spenser, and Authorship in Pastoral”
Diana Treviño Benet, “Robert Herrick and Adaptive Authorship”
Susanne Woods, “Milton’s Authorship and the Reader’s Authority in Paradise Regained”

4. RSA 2015 Annual Conference
With its new affiliate members of the Renaissance Society of America, the MSA President and Vice-president submitted its materials for the March 2015 Annual RSA Conference in Berlin. After the RSA sends the MSA confirmation of approval, we will pass on more information.

5. Keep us updated
Please make sure to pass on to me A) any information you believe would be of interest to MSA members and B) any updates on your contact information.

Many thanks, tesoros.

Angelica Duran
Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Director, Religious Studies (2009-13)
Purdue University

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