News Nuggets – April 2017

Dear Milton Society of America member,

I am getting out this month’s Nuggets a little early to make sure you get late-breaking news on a few more exciting Renaissance Society of America 63rd Annual Convention events – including a staged reading of Paradise Lost (!) – and to wish RSA goers all success and safety.

 The MSA at the RSA

Chicago, March 30 – April 1, 2017

1) Performance of an act of Paradise Lost adapted to the stage by The equity actors of the Chicago Shakespeare Project

Thursday, March 30; !2:15-1:15 PM, Crystal Room of the Palmer House. Directed by Peter Garino, adaptation by Regina Schwartz.

 2) Five panels sponsored by the MSA

2A) Milton: Religion across Space and Time

Fri, March 31, 1:30 to 3:00pm, The Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon

Organizers Ann Baynes Coiro and Feisal Mohamed; Chair Ann Baynes Coiro; Speakers Thomas Fulton, Christopher Koester, Elizabeth Mazzola

2B) Roundtable: Milton and the Digital Humanities

Friday March 31, 2017; 5:30-7:00 PM; The Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon 9

Chair: David Ainsworth; Discussants, Olin Bjork, Thomas Luxon, and John Rumrich.

2C) “Milton and Music”

Saturday, April 1, 2017; 8:30-10:00 AM; The Palmer House, Third Floor, Salon 8

Organizers Ann Baynes Coiro and Elizabeth Sauer; speakers Katherine Cox, Seth Herbst, and Alvin Snider

2D) Eros and Appropriation in Adaptations of Paradise Lost

Sat, April 1, 10:30am to 12:00pm, The Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon 8

Organizer John Garrison; Chair Blaine Greteman; Speakers, Lara Dodds, John Garrison, Stephen Guy-Bray.

2E) Reading De Doctrina Christiana

Fri, March 31, 3:30 to 5:00pm, The Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon 9

Organizer Jason A. Kerr; Chair David Norbrook; Respondent Jeffrey Alan Miller; Speakers Sharon Achinstein and Jason A. Kerr

 … as well as even more panels than announced last month featuring MSA members and/or Milton’s works

3A) Early Modern Poetry and Poetics: From Puttenham to Milton

Thu, March 30, 8:30 to 10:00am, The Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon 4

Organizer John M. Wall; Chair John N. Wall; Speakers William M. Russell, Jessica Junqueira, Jonathan Sircy.

3B) Early Modern Christian Readings of the Hebrew Bible I: Milton and the Bible

Thu, March 30, 10:30am to 12:00pm, The Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon 4

Organizers Zur Shalev and Noam Flinker; Chair Martin Elsky; Speakers Raphael Magarik, James Grantham Turner, Noam Flinker.

3C) (NOT PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED) Disability and Medicine in Renaissance Italy

Thursday, March 30, 5:30-7 pm

Sara van den Berg presenting  a paper on Irish physician at Bologna Nial O’Glacain, who played a role in the Catholic Confederation appeal to Innocent X for support against the English, the failure of which led to the Articles of Peace, which Milton attacked in his Observations as the treasonous act of Charles I.  Milton is mentioned, but the paper has more to do with Irish politics.

3D) Early Modern Christian Readings of the Hebrew Bible II: Milton on Self, Nation, and Passion

Thu, March 30, 1:30 to 3:00pm, The Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon 4

Organizers Zur Shalev and Noam Flinker; Chair Noam Flinker; Speakers Ayelet C. Langer, Achsah Guibbory, N.K. Sugimura

3E) Loving the Neighbor: Literature, Theology, and Economics

Thu, March 30, 3:30 to 5:00pm, Palmer House Hilton, Seventh Floor, Clark 5

Speakers Regina Schwartz, Craig Muldrew, and Torrance Kirby.

3F) (NOT PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED) Early Modern Christian Readings of the Hebrew Bible III: George Peele and Aphra Behn

Thu, March 30, 3:30 to 5:00pm, Palmer House Hilton, Thirs Floor, Salon 4

Organizer Zur Shalev and Noam Flinker, Speakers Karen Clausen-Brown and Shaina Trapedo, Respondent Jennifer Lewin

3G) Herbert and Milton: Poetry, Theology

Thu, March 30, 5:30 to 7:30pm, Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon 4

Organizer Christopher Koester; Speakers Kim Hedlin, Whitney Blair Taylor, James Carson Nohrnberg, Steven Cowser.

3H) Milton: Learning, Drama, Ideology

Fri, March 31, 8:30 to 10:00am, The Palmer House Hilton, Third Floor, Salon 9

Organizers David Currell; Speakers Jeffrey S. Gore, Gretchen York, George Ramos, William Fitzhenry.

Seminars, Conferences, etc.

1) Newberry Milton Seminar, Chicago, Saturday, May 6, 2017

See <https://www.newberry.org/milton-seminar>. Paul Stevens, “TBA.” Please register by Friday, May 5, 2017.

 2) Canada Milton Seminar XII, 12-13 May 2017; Victoria College, University of Toronto

Featuring Mary Nyquist, Stephen Greenblatt, Linda Gregerson, and Elizabeth Hanson as well as other speakers listed on the webpage https://crrs.ca/events/canada-milton-seminar/ . The webpage provides full information on hotel, travel, registration fees.

CFPs and nominations

1) MSA awards; nominations due May 1 and June 1

1A) Please see <http://miltonsociety.org/?page_id=102>  for categories and submission guidelines for work on Milton published in 2016 (this page will soon be updated), due May 1.

1B) Please see <http://miltonsociety.org/?page_id=1910> for the newest award established by the MSA, the First Book Assistance Program, applications for which are due June 1. While on that subject, please make sure your campus library has purchased the first recipient of this funding, Islam Issa’s Milton in the Arab-Muslim World (Routledge, 2017),


2) The Making of Humanities VI’, University of Oxford, Somerville College, UK, September 28-30, 2017; 250-word proposals due 15 April 2017

See http://www.historyofhumanities.org/2016/12/27/call-for-papers-and-panels-mohvi-oxford-28-30-september-2017/

 3)  The Renaissance Society of America 64th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 22–24 March 2018; proposals due June 7, 2017

For more information, see http://www.rsa.org/general/custom.asp?page=2018NOLACfP

 4) The 2017 Conference on John Milton, October 12-14, 2017, Birmingham AL; papers and proposals due June 19, 2017

Submit full papers (10 pages maximum; not to exceed twenty minutes reading time) along with 150 word abstracts on the conference website:
https://cas.uab.edu/milton/. Featured speakers
John Rumrich (U of Texas at Austin) and Elizabeth Sauer (Brock U); a staged reading of Samson Agonistes by the Improbable Fictions; and a final banquet at the renowned Birmingham Institute for Civil Rights. More information at. Questions may be directed to David Ainsworth.

5) Texts and Contexts, October 20–21, 2017, Ohio State University; proposals due August 1, 2017

For more information on this annual conference held on the campus of the Ohio State University devoted to Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, incunables, and early printed texts in Latin and the vernacular languages, see http://www.rsa.org/news/news.asp?id=334637

Milton Cottage

From John D Bradley and Kelly O’Reilly: The Milton’s Cottage 2017 season will run from 1st April – 28th October with events and exhibitions to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the publication of Paradise Lost. From a Manga edition to our own customized gin, steeped with botanicals referenced in Milton’s verse, we hope there will be something for all tastes! Based in Chalfont St. Giles, England, Milton’s Cottage is the only surviving residence of John Milton.

Many of our fellow MSA members have visited in the past and we’d love to welcome you personally if you’re planning to visit any time soon. If you would like to receive the occasional update of our events or publications, do email us at the address below. Public visiting hours are Wed – Saturday, 2 – 5pm (last entry 4.30pm) as well as bank holidays and the 4th Sunday of the month. However, we may be able to open up for MSA members outside of these hours if you contact us in advance. Milton’s Cottage is close to London and Oxford and we’d be very happy to advise about travel arrangements as well as local cafes, pubs, restaurants and accommodation if you contact our Business Director, Kelly O’Reilly, on:

Milton’s Cottage Trust CIO; 21 Deanway, Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4JH,  Buckinghamshire, England; T:  + 44 1494 872313; www.miltonscottage.org

Duquesne UP update

DUP editor Susan Wadsworth Booth distributed the official university notice from today, as follows: “The University has thoroughly evaluated a number of proposals and explored various options regarding the future of the Duquesne University Press. However, the persistent deficits could not be alleviated without sacrificing the high quality for which the Press has been known. Moreover, continuing the financial losses of the Press would take away funds necessary for programs that directly benefit Duquesne students and other academic programs. Therefore, keeping the Press open is not a viable option. Additionally, we explored partnering with another publisher but that option was not financially feasible. The University is now actively pursuing other proposals to preserve some of the key titles of the University Press. Certain publications in our inventory can be digitized and made available online. For a certain group of publications where there is still demand, we will work with other publishers to allow these select titles to be published on demand. In this way, we are striving to ensure that key works will still be accessible for scholars and researchers.”

Please continue to send me news and information that you think would be of interest and importance for our membership to know for inclusion in the next MSA Nuggets.

The MSA webpage will be going through some much-needed upgrading, moving, etc., so there may be some minimal downtime, slowdowns with postings, etc.

Many thanks, tesoros.


Treasurer, Milton Society of America (2012-2021)
English, Comparative Literature, Religious Studies (Director, 2009-13)
Purdue University

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