Current Officers

Current Officers of the Milton Society of America:

President: Sharon Achinstein, Johns Hopkins University (2018)

Vice President: John P. Rumrich, University of Texas at Austin (2018)

Secretary: Feisal Mohamed, CUNY Graduate Center (2015-19)

Treasurer: Angelica Duran, Purdue University (2012-21)
Current Executive Committee Members:

Crystal Bartolovich, Syracuse University (2016-18)

Gregory Chaplin, Bridgewater State University (2016-18)

Reginald A. Wilburn, University of New Hampshire (2017-19)

Brooke Conti, Cleveland State University (2017-19)

Marissa Nicosia, Penn State Abington (2018-20)

Eric Song, Swarthmore College (2018-20)