Submission Guidelines

Competition for awards is open to members and non-members alike. There is no limit on the number of entries that may be submitted of one’s own work or of the work of others for any one or more of the awards.

For the Hanford, Samuel, and Shawcross Awards:

To enter, by May 1st send three copies of a work with an imprint from the preceding year to Kristen Poole, Department of English, University of Delaware, 203 Memorial Hall, Newark, DE 19716, USA (email here). Publications from other countries, both books and articles, not normally distributed in the USA or not readily available, should be submitted in three copies, at least one of which must be an original, while the others may be photocopies.

Please note that publications in SEL, ELH, ELR, PMLA, MQ, MS, Review of English Studies, REN Q, and in all multi-author collections devoted exclusively or primarily to Milton are automatically entered into the Hanford Essay competition.

And multiauthor collections are automatically entered into the Irene Samuel Memorial Award competition. Nevertheless, a copy of an article or essay and of a multiauthor collection should still be sent to Professor Kendrick in order to confirm that a publication has been identified for, and entered into, the competition. Such submissions also provide ready access for members of the Committee on Scholarly Awards to perform their evaluations.

For the Albert C. Labriola Award:

To enter, by July 31st send one copy of a work with an imprint from the preceding year to Feisal Mohamed (email here). Competition is open to any currently enrolled graduate student.

Nothing submitted will be returned.

The next awards will be presented at the annual dinner-meeting of the Milton Society in January of 2021 for distinguished publications appearing in the year 2019.