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The journal SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 provided a champagne toast and cake at the 2011 Milton Society Dinner to celebrate the publication of SEL‘s 50th volume. The dinner was attended by Robert L. Patten, SEL Publisher and Executive Editor, and Logan D. Browning, SEL Editor.

For decades now, SEL has been enthusiastically publishing articles on Milton, as well as awarding prizes to Miltonists:

Recent SEL Articles on Milton

Winter 2013

Thomas Kranidas, “Milton Rewrites The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce”

Julia Staykova, “Structures of Perception in the Similes of Paradise Lost

Winter 2011

Patricia R. Taylor, “The Son as Collaborator in Paradise Regained

Linda Tredennick, “Exteriority in Milton and Puritan Life Writing”

Winter 2010

Scott Cohen, “Counterfeiting and the Economics of Kingship in Milton’s Eikonoklastes

Tobias Gregory, “The Political Messages of Samson Agonistes

Winter 2009

Christina Fawcett, “The Orphic Singer of Milton’s ‘Nativity Ode’”

Russell M. Hillier, “Spatial Allegory and Creation Old and New in Milton’s Hexaemeral Narrative”

John T. Shawcross, “Using the Thomason Tracts and Their Significance for Milton Studies”

Sarah R. Morrison, “The Accommodating Serpent and God’s Grace in Paradise Lost

Winter 2007

Pitt Harding, “Milton’s Serpent and the Birth of Pagan Error”

William Walker, “On Reason, Faith, and Freedom in Paradise Lost

Winter 2006

Eugene Johnson, “The Failed Jeremiad in Samson Agonistes

John McWilliams, “Marvell and Milton’s Literary Friendship Reconsidered”

Spring 2006

Catherine Thomas, “Chaste Bodies and Poisonous Desires in Milton’s Mask”

Winter 2005

David Ainsworth, “Spiritual Reading in Milton’s Eikonoklastes

Henry Weinfield, “Skepticism and Poetry in Milton’s Infernal Conclave”

Winter 2004

Clay Daniel, “Milton’s Neo-Platonic Angel?”

Timothy Rosendale, “Milton, Hobbes, and the Liturgical Subject”

Winter 2003

Mary C. Fenton, “Hope, Land Ownership, and Milton’s ‘Paradise Within’”

Peter C. Herman, “Paradise Lost, the Miltonic ‘Or,’ and the Poetics of Incertitude”

Barbara K. Lewalski, “Milton and Idolatry”

Winter 2001

David, Gay, “Astrology and Iconoclasm in Milton’s Paradise Regained

Winter 2000

Joseph Lyle, “Architecture and Idolatry in Paradise Lost

Recent Spears Award Winners

THE MONROE KIRK SPEARS AWARD is presented annually to honor the distinguished and humane career of the late Professor Monroe K. Spears, sometime editor of the Sewanee Review and Libbie Shearn Moody Professor Emeritus at Rice University.

Because everything Professor Spears wrote is marked by clarity, economy, and felicity of expression and by elegant and discerning interpretation, the award recognizes the essay published in each volume of SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 that most nearly achieves these qualities and that has given the editors the greatest pleasure to read.

Mark Womack, “On the Value of Lycidas,” 37, 1 (Winter 1997), presented at MLA Convention in Toronto.

Blair Hoxby, “Milton’s Steps in Time,” 38, 1 (Winter 1998), presented at the MLA Convention in San Francisco.

Catherine Thomas, “Chaste Bodies and Poisonous Desires in Milton’s Mask,” 46, 2 (Spring 2006), presented at the MLA Convention in Philadelphia.

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