2012 Annual Booklet

Prior to 2012, printing and mailing the annual booklet was the largest cost incurred by the Society, as we mailed it to members in over a dozen countries. This website not only has everything contained in the annual booklet, but a range of additional material, such as a complete archive of all honored scholars, officers, and award winners since the Society’s inception in 1948. Moreover, the website is updated continually, rather than just annually. Consequently, in 2012 the decision was made to discontinue the print booklet.

However, as many members very much enjoyed the print booklet over the years, we are making PDF downloads of it available, both in its shortened form as the MSA Dinner Program, as well as the Full MSA Booklet.  These versions are formatted for reading on a computer or tablet screen.  If you happen to have a printer capable of printing both sides of a page and would like to print out a preformatted version, click here for the Dinner Program and here for the Booklet (note that these will be out of sequence when viewed on screen).  Also note that, at around 3mb each, these files are all rather large.

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