Become a Member or Renew Membership

To become a member of the Milton Society of America, or to renew your membership, please go to our e-commerce site to order one of the following memberships:

Regular annual membership, $25.00.
Graduate student membership, $10.00.
Life member, $250.00.

No annual dues are required of honored scholars of the society, life members, retirees, and those for whom the cost is a financial burden, including but not limited to non-tenure track/contingent faculty and individuals from nations/institutions with very limited research support.

Please also consider donating, including becoming an “Uncouth Swain.” The Society is an exempt organization under the IRS code and all donations are tax-deductible in the USA. Donations help defray the cost of printing the annual booklet and conducting the business of the Society. Any donation is appreciated, and current Life Members who wish to be listed among the “Uncouth Swains” (Lycidas 186) can do so by making an additional US$250 donation. These and other donations can be made through the e-commerce site hyperlink.